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01-19-2012, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by Meynolt
Scis are best off with a kit that is using Tachyon Harmonic. Zap the shields of the Borg and watch em die like they're from the normal diff runs. My personal favourite kit is the Analyst kit. Medical kits are kind of... well less useable in elite ground runs let us say. By the time your medic put a nice heal on you, you'll probably be dead by a DoT or unlucky flank shot anyway. It's not the fault of the medic, it's the unbalanced resistences on gear that is doing this to people. More plasma resistance on the set items would solve this but as it stands now, the person working on revamping the set items is actually thinking of stripping the plasma resistence which in my opinion is... stupid beyond words. But hey, who am I to say such things, right?
I swear by my Medic Kits for STFs. On both Elite and Normal (I can usually be found inflicting PuGs on myself on Normal ground STFs but do run Elite as well) the Medic kit, particularly the basic Medic Kit is a powerful team heal kit but as with anything it really relies on the rest of the team helping themselves. I was in a PuG last night that was good but obviously inexperienced and the healing was pretty easy for me as they helped themselves, the optional was nowhere near being achieved but they improved as they went along and listened to advice in Team Chat.
The PuG before that however was just bad; no self healing, no use of cover and to top it off no one but me was using Team Chat so co ordination was nowhere to be found. My Medic Kit was useless there as healing someone who's stood in range of 8 Tac Drones isn't going to help them.

The Plasma Resistances on gear I don't think is going to be badly missed. It's only being reduced by 10% last time I saw (from 20% Plasma to 10% all damage) so MACO won't be hugely affected and Omega will be buffed as it currently has no resistance to Plasma anyway.
I guess it depends on whether these are intended to be anti Borg gear or just the best gear at end game for everything. If they're anti Borg then they need Plasma resists but if it's intended that these 3 sets will be all you'll need for end game ground combat then the changes make sense.
It would be nice if the one shots were toned down a little though, they get tedious after a while.