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01-19-2012, 06:51 AM
BOff Skills:
Tactical Team's shield re-direct will keep you alive better than anything in the game. If you're just PvEing, 1 will probably do, although obviously 2 would be better.
My advice is to drop Attack Pattern Beta (you have Gamma and Alpha, both of which, IMO, are better), retrain that officer in a Torp HY II or Torp Spread II, and replace your Torp Spread 1 with another tactical team.
I've never been a big fan of Jam Sensors, I'd take Transfer Shield Strength or Hazard Emitters instead of it.

3xDHCs, 1 Torp and 2 turrets is the optimal loadout for DPS, so you've got the right idea. Ideally, you should really match your turret energy type to the DHCs, and then replace the prefire consoles with the energy-specific consoles (phaser relay, tetryon pulse generator etc.), which give a greater bonus, if you can afford it - they tend to be more expensive on the exchange than Prefire consoles.

I prefer Quantum Torpedoes to Photons because I use them with High Yield where the greater power more than makes up for the longer downtime, but that's a preference issue.

If possible get a Combat Impulse Engine with a [turn] modifier. Will increase your manouverability and you can drop your engine power below 50 (which then can be put into weapons) with less of a speed penalty.