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01-19-2012, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by CrustyMac View Post
How does this devalue the gold subscription? You don't have to pay extra. It is included in your sub.
it devalues it because its one less thing on the features matrix that is exclusive to gold, and therefore would motivate people to sub up.

Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Personally, I've never been close to 10 mil on any character so far.

Nice to know that I can lift the cap when I need to tho.

I think this move actually helps in a way. With the ability to remove some of the Silver disadvantages, it makes it easier to go back and forth between Gold and Silver. I can sub when I want Gold priority access ... like when FE's are released... and go back to Silver when I don't need the extras without losing anything I really want.

A cap of 1 billion EC's is pretty darn generous. Given the limits of what you can actually use EC's for now, I don't think it really hurts anything. My only concern is that raising the cap that high could affect the Exchange, encouraging inflation.
that's the whole point of having a silver, or limited access account, if you want to play for free there are LIMITS to what you can do, the whole point is to get you to SUBSCRIBE. Geez Cryptic, didn't you read the F2P manual when you decided to adopt this ridiculous structure in the first place.

Are you trying to put yourselves out of jobs?

At this point, I would say that if Cryptic plans on adding, other account upgrades like this that Gold's should get them automatically, if they make us pay for it, that will be completely unfair.

Like a Dilithium Refining upgrade for example.