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01-19-2012, 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by SapphicZoid
Hey, thanks. I'll try to do those missions again now that they have been updated. The STF's which I was doing each day when I left were at the time horribly broken and bugged. I hope those will be working better.

As for a lightsaber, I guess that's a cool gift but I think this is the wrong group of movies for that. I happen to be very fond of the two lightsabers I duel wield in SWTOR.
Definitely play the Romulan missions. I think they probably hold up as the closest thing to a TOR experience. Not quite but definitely like a classic Trek storyline for the most part. Almost fully voiced. A mission with two endings. Cut scenes. A melee brawl. A full city. Some classic Trek music. A non-combat pet that can be crafted into a combat pet.

Starts with "The Vault."