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01-19-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
I don't mind that they have Vanity pets at all, but it bothers me that they are using the term to make it more enticing like the other mmo. They aren't really companions in the since that they don't DO anything, they don't keep you company, they are just there for show. Call them what they are, not what you think would sell more of them based on what another game is doing.

it seems like a small effort to make a quick buck. Sadly that seems to be all that this game stands for at the moment.
If you spent less time being butthurt and spent more time paying attention to responses you would see Cryptics motive behind the name change. The amount of complaining because exocomps and hortas being "pets" and not "companions" was unreal. SWTOR didn't do companions first, so revering them because their companions are more like *SLAVES* is stupid anyway. I also refer to the post defining what a companion even is. Vanity pets, by definition are companions. People that run around doing every whim of yours, gathering, cooking, cleaning, fighting, being cannon fodder or whatever else you can force them to do, they aren't companions, they are slaves.