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01-19-2012, 11:12 AM
Please don't take any of my advice. At least not seriously. It may be helpful to you but at the same time I'm sure it isn't Law.

Listen to Roach. In general it is not a bonus to stack up on abilities that will put others on cool down. By using tactical team you know that after its duration is up you have to wait a bit before using that ability again. What isn't always so obvious is that when you activate that power you force other abilities into a shared cool down. Namely engineering and science. Lets say you choose to run two tactical teams as you find the shielding buff just to good to resist. Hazard emitters pair well with with power to structural integrity field. Self or ally so they have utility all around.

Gravity well may be your best pal in an STF. Keep in mind you can only suggest that your carrier turn, any actual turning may in fact be not a fact. Playing position and planning ahead is important. Especially if you want to use abilities that only spring forth from the pointy end of your ship. Like gravity well. If you do then dual cannons and turrets are for you. If you don't then beam arrays are for you.

Plasma beams and a plasma torp fore and aft is excellent on plasma fire procs if you run torpedo spreads. If you run torpedo spreads you cannot run two tactical teams. If you cannot run two tactical teams you have to make some choices in that regard as to how best to keep your shields healthy and strong. Fluoride won't work. Sci team and shield battery maybe. I run a Sci ship and a Carrier in this manner.

Here is what may be even less solid advice. Unmodified torpedo or mine attacks feel like huge waste of a weapon slot. If you can't use a BO power on them, don't use them. There are some torpedoes and mines that do not accept modifiers. Use them instead. Tricobalt device being an example. The crafted Hargh' Peng or however it is exactly named being another.

As always, thank you for the chicken!!