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01-19-2012, 02:26 PM
1) I would suggest something like this build:

This point allocation lets you give out some good heals while tanking lots of damage.

2) With the skill point change all weapon types are the same to spec so its more of a personal choice of whatever your favorite type is. I like phasers for the disable proc plus it just feels right loading up a galaxy class with a bunch of phaser arrays I also love the Har'Peng torpedoes - the secondary explosion goes off all the time against borg ships and the time to target is great to slip in on a downed shield facing.

3) I am still a fan of the old borg set but the MACO and OMEGA are both good depending on what kind of role you want to fill. STOked did a nice episode going over all the sets I would highly recommend giving it a watch:
The show notes also have a quick breakdown of sets if you just want some quick info.