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Could my problem possibly be related to character slots? I had a year-long subscription way back when, and came back under the "Old subs play early" promotion... I do have 6 characters that were "grandfathered" across the Gold --> Silver conversion, but when I mouse over "New Federation Character," the tooltip says I have "two unrestricted slots remaining"... I can't recall the exact limitations on Silver players, but that seems like a few too many character slots available to me. Tho, I do think I purchased extra character slots when I was a subscribed player. When I try to make a new, normal character, it does let me go through the process, tho... So, maybe character slots are not the problem.

How about if I had created Foundry content two years ago when I was a paying subscriber? Would old saved Foundry/Player data be creating a problem now that I'm a silver player (with the same account/player names) and trying to create Foundry content?

Hrm ... Oh, on a similar note: The "Buy Foundry Project Slots" pop-up Store screen seems ... incomplete? There are odd chunks of UI missing here and there, and I'm wondering if maybe my problem has to do with some corrupted date? or imcomplete patching?

thanks again!