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01-19-2012, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post

I think that this would be the best option.

Either you want a shot at getting the item or you donít.

Thereíd be no way for anyone to complain if they did not get something that they wanted.

I did another Elite STF run last night with a very good squad.

We all used the greed option on all items except the Borg drops. Towards the end of the Mission a very Rare Mk XII Shield dropped and I wanted it but because of how the flow of the mission had went up to that point I and 3 other team members chose Greed only to have our squad leader wait till we all made choices and go with need to snatch up the item.

I donít play many MMOs at all but of the ones that Iíve looked into the loot system has a silent random roll or a want or not option.
Just another reason to always, always, always roll NEED.

I used to roll greed, but quickly learned that it is basically the same thing as hitting the pass button in most groups.

Then I started checking what other people chose, and went with greed if that appeared to be what other players were doing. But, then you get situations like you describe above, when people greed/pass on mediocre loot, but need on things that are actually valuable.

So, now I don't even look. All need, all the time. Anyone who doesn't like it is welcome to click need as well. Or not. It is all the same to me.