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Originally Posted by jbtnick View Post
this is only how i figure the things goin on .... its possible that im wrong

for weapons, borg adapt by wepon type, if 2 memebers have the same flavor wepon (ie ap, plasma,phaser etc) they both add to the hit count. Each dmg somoene deals from one type adds to the count for borg to assimilate. I also noticed that if I hit multiple borg in a single shot that it was counted as the number of borg that i hit wih the attack. For example a stacked up group of borg got hit with the secondary fire of the blast rifle (shotgun), it happened to me that they adapted afte only 1 shot.

Other thing i noticed that if 2 of the team members have the same weapon flavor, they adapt much faster from this you can have the issue when half the team has the maco rifle.

about the sci skills like thermal vent and radiation (old names I know dont remember the new ones) they do dot dmg to multiple targets, each hit of 1 or more dmg is counted toward adapting.

dunno if it helps, I think this is how the mechanics work.
I think you may be right about the Borg adapting to the weapon energy type.

I use an Mk XII [Borg] Plasma Minigun and a few days ago while running a ground STF I had a team member start telling me to stop using my Weapon because the Borg were adapting to us too quickly.

This player kept going on and on about how if anyone on the team kept using a minigun or rapid fire weapon that theyíd leave the team.

My response to their threat was to not let my foot catch them in the backside on the way out of the mission but it seemed that they too were using a Plasma type weapon.

There does seem to be something strange going on with the Borg adaption.

Iíve cleared my adaption and fired a standard 3 burst shot at a drone only to see the Borg adapt to me has soon has the 1st bolt struck them.

Iíve also had one instance where Iíve cleared my adaption and never fire off a shot and still had the adaptation icon appear on me again.

Iíve also had Borg adapt to me using melee attacks with my hand weapons.