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01-19-2012, 02:10 PM
Until reading this thread I had no clue that there were such complicated rules governing the Need/Greed system. STO is the only game I've played that has a system like this. I click "Need" on good stuff, "Greed" on crappy stuff, and "Pass" on things that aren't worth clogging up an inventory space. If I'm in a hurry, in the middle of a battle, I almost always choose Need to save time.

I think STO probably has a lot of players like myself who have not been trained in the proper lootiquette.

I would think that choosing Need every time would be more effective than a subjective "What's need? What's greed?" system that nobody can check up on. Especially in a game like this one where PUGs are so common.

Anyway, I'm going to keep hitting "Need" if it's something I think I can sell. That may be greedy, but I've got to assume that someone else in my group is just as greedy as me.