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01-19-2012, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by Storm-Strike
Define "more complex crew system" please. I find the crew here very simplistic and zero personality.
What I was comparing wasn't the companions, who have deeper story significance and backstory quests in SWTOR.

What I mean is that the Duty Officer System as compared to the Crew Skills System has more:
  • variety of mission types,
  • branching duty officer assignments (SWTOR has none that I'm aware of- 400 Armortech, 400 Scavenging, 289 Underworld Trading--previously 400 Slicing and 200 Investigation before switching a couple weeks ago),
  • more areas to specialize for new items/perks/currencies/etc.
  • Longer-term progression than SWTOR (I can reach 400 in all three of my skills in under a week--in STO, it'll take you weeks to get one DO category to max tier).
  • interface in STO presents far more information at once--allowing you to easily manage hundreds of companions instead of the clunky feeling that the six companions bring in SWTOR.

Duty Officers also have more diverse impact on passives during regular play--whereas Crew Skills only help during selected flashpoints or crafting.

Assignments in SWTOR are an afterthought.

However, SWTOR has better crafting hands down, imo.

One area where SWTOR uses its Crew System more effectively, however, is that Crew Skills can simplify flashpoints--something that would be appreciated for STFs.

To make SWTOR clearly deeper than STO in regards to assignments, they'd need to add a great deal. STO only has to integrate DOFFs into gameplay more (STFs/Fleet Action) and improve crafting to make it the clear winner.