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01-19-2012, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by abaddon653 View Post
I would love to see some time travel missions with suitable rewards. For instance I would love to have my captain strutting around the ship wearing a suit from the 1930's/40's or whip out a tommy gun (with attached ammo replicator) and spraying those damn borg with bullets....wait didn't picard do this in first contact on the holodeck? Still my statement stands.

A brief list of rewards from missions:
1. 1930's/40's era outfits and weapons (duh)
2. Medieval era weapons and outfits
3. More early space travel stuff (Between Ent and Tos eras)

This is just a small list of what I would love to have, feel free to add more.

OH and being able to mount weapons and armor on display racks in your ship.
I'm on board with more time travel loot, except for item #2. I do not want to see people strutting around ESD in codpieces and suits of armor. You KNOW this would happen.