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01-19-2012, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
If you read my post, you should realize I'm differing Companions from the Crew Skill, just as Bridge Officers function differently from Duty Officers.

Crew Skills and Duty Officers are the systems that are metaphorically equivalent. (I prefer the Duty Officer System for the reasons listed above in comparison).

Companions should be compared to Bridge Officers. (Companions are better, hands down).

I don't see reading a dialogue box as variety in mission types since it's not a mission, it's text. I also believe that the companion's were far superior to duty officers in every way.

In that case, SWTOR's Crew Skills do less. If you're comparing the systems I'm comparing, it's clear in which area SWTOR has the lead--and which areas it doesn't.

The UI alone on STO presents more reliable information--and does a far better job showing you which Duty Officers are better for each assignment. SWTOR's interface lists the perks with zero context as to what those variables mean or how they scale to end-game.

Considering both games were development for similar time periods (though STO has been live longer), I'm surprised that STO does such a better job on things like the UI (and that's a gamewide issue, if you wish to compare beyond the Crew Skills to Duty Officer system).
I don't think STO has superior UI to TOR either.