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But if the loot was a suit of armor you can display on crew deck or a Sherlock Holmes hat to mount on the wall next to your borg eye-piece in the ready-room. Those would be cool. The tommy gun would be alright, but then you have two physical dmg guns (TR-116 from Target pre-order) so I don't think the people who bought that would like the idea. Medieval swords are not my taste, I use the falchion because it's a good wep but it seems anti-trek for Feds. No civilized Federation officer is going to be tearing opponents asunder, civilized officers vaporize their enemies.

I love the idea of time travel missions because it means more missions. But not so sure how the loot could be worked out. I'm no roleplayer, but I respect those who are and it would break realism to seem a knight-of-old walking around the academy or spacedock.