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01-19-2012, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
No offense, but thats a horrible build. You wasted a couple dozen skill points maxing things out that won't make a difference.
You are indeed right that I have maxed some things out at the cost of other skills having no points. This is not the most efficient use of skill points but it does give me the maximum possible boost to hull, shields, dmg resist, etc. I spec for a Healing/Tank build mainly in STF's and a similar spec to what I posted has worked very well (I fly a galaxy so available BO's are a little different).

Someone looking for more wide ranging boosts would certainly do better to stop at 6 points or even less and get more skills boosted that's just not for me. That's part of the fun of the game everyone can equip their ship and spec their characters to match the sort of role they desire to play.

I have fun with the maxed skill points build I use so by that metric its a successful build for me.

I'd be interested to hear what kind of build you go with if you would like to share.