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01-20-2012, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin

Thank you.
I have to say no after playing around with Doff's with Tricobalts and very disappointed with the performance. Doff's do not lower time below global cooldown so if you have x2 Tricobalts there is zero benefit to the Doff's.

Just to confirm Doff do lower Tricobalts fire rates, I guess you might see a benefit with 1 Tricobalt and normal torp launchers. But still Tricobalts just have to low a DPS to be useful in a torpedo build. I find x2 Tricobalts mines with 1 Quantum mine launcher works better then forward Tricobalts.

(Going to try a x2 Tricobalts with x2 High Yield tonight in case that works better)