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01-20-2012, 01:01 AM
Having never taken my Voq out into PvP, I can't really comment on that aspect, except to say that what Ooiue makes sense to me. Well, mostly. Can't think of any reason to run 3 "team" powers.

Here's what advice I will offer for running one through STFs, whose mileage may vary in PvP...

LTC TAC-TT1 CRF1 (or TargetSomething2) TargetSomething3
LTC ENG-EPtS1 ASIF1 Dealers Choice

I'd advocate putting one beam array in your fore/aft slots, turrets in the rest. Here's a truth in PvE, at least. You're not likely to get aggro. The Voq itself does not have the firepower to **** a mob off more than a decent escort, so you don't need to go all heal crazy, and an APD cast on yourself is not likely to be triggered unless you're totally doing your own thing (caveat-if you want to spec in threat control as an ENG Voq captain, feel free to give it a shot-not the best boat to try it in, but not horrible either). Similarly your weapon subtype is not as important as it would be in another boat. You could use antiproton for a little extra damage-I use polaron for that offchance they'll reduce the target's power levels. And, if you're using the T-fighters, they're about guaranteed to keep the disruptor debuff on a mob so definitely feel free to use a different weapon subtype. Modest healing abilities that are usable on other ships is preferred.

You are an ENG captain, but you're in a SCI boat so you do need to spec accordingly. Particle generators, graviton generators, flow capacitors, subspace decompiler need skill points. I'd recommend filling your sci consoles with particle generators. GW is going to be where your big damage comes from. Run your AUX high-it feeds GW, and lets lower level versions of heals (HE, TSS, ASIF) shine.

TB is worth using with a TB Doff-with points in flow capacitors you've got a damn near bona fide tachyon beam as well. Interesting to note-the common TB Doff is currently bugged to gaining more shield draining off flow capacitor skill points (a white is almost as good as purple atm). Not that you want to plan your gameplay around an unfixed bug, but. You still want points in flow capacitors to boost your target subsystem skills. Target Engines 3 is (probably) worth using in PvP to keep a player in your GW; Target Shields 3 is probably the better choice in PvEasy. If you really want to be a disabling little monkey, select boarding party for your 3rd ENG skill-you can really put in there whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Hell, go for broke and shill out for the Marauder Patrol Cruiser and transfer it's Marauding Force Shuttles to your Voq for 2x the disabling fun. Though, TBH, if you're going to do that you might as well put your ENG captain self in THAT ship...

Anywho. My take on getting the most out of your Voq.