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01-20-2012, 02:45 AM
This thread has a detailed analysis of what skills are currently doing what with how many skill points:

For example, running 9 points in thrusters is useless. 3 is probably plenty, 6 if you REALLY need it.

Running 9 points in weapon performance only gets you 2 more power over 6 points, better off putting those 3 points into Aux for your heals and moving your power sliders to compensate. Same goes for Engine Performance and even Shield performance.

You probably don't need 9 points into Projectile weapons with a Star Cruiser either. Also, the final 3 points for Maneuvers or Targeting systems is negligible, but if you want to max defense put the last 3 in maneuvers.

You also have no points in Electro-plasma (power-transfer), Subsystem repair (important for a tank), Power insulators or Inertial Dampeners (both also now important for a tank). You don't have any in Threat Control which Cruisers should probably have to help them take agro from Escorts, but Its not functioning right right now I don't think (Note: It supposedly adds a defensive resist too).

As for ship skills, DON"T run tractor repulsors for STF's! Those cause more problems than they solve. Stick with a normal tractor beam or run Eject Warp Plasma if you are concerned about stopping probes/etc. I'm also surprised at the use of 2 Engineering Teams PLUS a Tactical team. Kind of hard to use all 3...