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01-20-2012, 06:02 AM
At Captain level, the Breen set is probably your best choice for engine, deflector and shield. The Polaron resists really help with Jem'Hadar, and the Supercooled Combat Impulse Engine improves your engine power setting and turn rate. The two-piece bonus also helps keep weapon power up, which you need in a Defiant.

Rather than DPS, you should be going for massive spike damage. a popular build right now is four DHCs up front and three turrets aft, but I'd rather run 3 DHCs and a DBB, with three aft turrets. You can trade in your High-Yield torpedo for a Beam Overload, the spike on those is much better and they can really strip a shield facing like nothing else.

Attack Patterns Alpha and Omega are great buffs, and Cannon Rapid fire also affects turrets, so that's good there.

Once you make it to RA, the most popular equipment is the Borg Console, engines and Deflector with the MACO shields. And you'll probably want to switch weapon types to Antiproton or Phaser.