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01-20-2012, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by sambeer View Post
hmm ok thanks guys but what about configurations ie: 3 HCs and a quantum front 2 turrets back

on my akira i had 2 tet HCs and a quantum front and 1 tet turret and a tet beam array back (for dealing with those Blasted Dderidex warbirds torpedo vollys)
it depends on your skills too. first, if you have beam overload 3 or beam target shields 3 (lt.cmdr spot), then it might be useful to keep 1 dual beam bank up front. if you dont have beam overload 3, then i would stick with 3x DHC and 1x torp.

i wouldnt suggest using a beam array in the back unless you have one of those as well, but even then i would discourage it. the whole point of an escort is frontal DPS. with 2 turrets in the rear, you get as much DPS as you can during your first past (alpha strike). some people prefer 3 DHC with a torp up front and 2 turrets rear- others do 3 DHC and 1 DBB front with 1 turret and 1 torp rear- that choice is up to you.

currently on my VA defiant refit i use 3x DHC and 1x DBB up front with 2x turrets rear and 1x torpedo launcher. I used to run 2x DHC, 1x DBB and 1x torpedo launcher front with 3x turrets rear, but i wanted to try something different. they both work equally well IMO.

also, be sure to use only 1 type of energy weapon, ie disruptor, phaser, AP, etc. the reason for this being that the proc will hit more constantly because you have more of the same weapon type, and the 2nd reason being that the specific energy weapon consoles are much better than the generic energy weapon consoles. for example, my mk xi AP mag regulators are +24% damage while the prefire chamber equivalent is only +18% damage. by using the AP console, im maximizing the amount of damage my weapons do. with the +18% damage and different damage types, im losing a lot of DPS per salvo. it may look pretty, but it isnt very effective.

edit- see that youre using all tets- thats good. but the advice still stays the same, so be sure whatever energy type you decide on, stick with it! and have fun!