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01-20-2012, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Nick_Riker
What I hope they do once this fabled PVP content arrives is give us a couple of PVP sets, probably one each for Fed and Klingon, and two usable by both factions. We could earn them by PVPing, and have different sets and combinations for different play styles. I would love to see a set that enhances sci abilities, one that gives team bonuses for cruisers, and a DPS buff for escorts/bops.

Mixing and matching those would be fun and add a whole new dimension to PVP play. I'm tired of seeing 3/4 borg with MACO shield all over the place. Maybe something thrown in to make it less useful for PVE play, so non-pvpers won't feel left out of the best stuff.
3/4 Borg + MACO shield is pretty much the best you can get right now, and gives you a huge advantage over others (without it) in PvP... but, for some reason, it's earned via PvE. The same PvE and "Elite" STFs where I excelled using white Mk V gear.