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01-20-2012, 05:01 PM
Do the borg adapt to AOE/DOT damage like the fire spell in the sci kits?

I can start with a freshly remodded gun, cast the thermal generator spell or whatever it's called on the borg, wait a few secs, and then fire my gun, and it will say "adapted". However, it seems like my gun still does damage. So is the "adapted" sign part of them adapting to the AOE spell? If I remod will the fire spell continue to do damage to them?

This also makes it really hard to tell when my gun has been adapted to, since I always get the "adapted" warning seemingly from the AOE attack. I have to monitor the damage each shot of my gun does to see when it drops off, and then remod. Being an a hectic STF with multiple people shooting at your target makes this all the harder, especially since as was mentioned above the weapon fire effect and subsequent hit being registered are a little laggy. It's extremely difficult to tell if I'm actually doing damage, or just sitting there shooting my gun for 1 damage per shot. As a result I end up probably over-remodding just so I can be sure I'm doing damage.

Anyone else experience this? Particularly with the Sci Physicist kit but I'm sure it happens with other AOE kit spells too. I've since moved to the Analyst kit as my main kit which doesn't have AOE spells, partly because the spells are more useful and partly because it sidesteps this annoying adaptation issue.