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01-20-2012, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post
Why do we need other test servers at all when you guys continue to use Holodeck as a test server?

Edit: I'd really love a straight forward answer to that. It's a question I'm sure a lot are interested in knowing the answer to.
Have you any idea how many bugs are found and reported on Tribble?

Are you also aware that just because something is reported, it does not mean developers can instantly fix it. As a developer myself I can tell you that sometimes its even best to wait a little longer, for more bug reports to come in, before spending time trying to determine if a user is just a complete pain in the rear or has found a bug.

Users often do not provide anywhere near enough information so the system provides it, looking over that data takes a lot of time and it still doesn't fix the issue.

It all takes time and they do fix bugs in every patch. Software of all kinds will always have bugs, accept it.