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Originally Posted by Meynolt View Post
Also note, turrets etc. are great for drawing Borg attention. If you as an engineer want to inflict serious damage, use the Enemy Neutralization kit, it's bomb and mines are incredibly powerfull vs the Borg. The weapon disable attack and fuse armor are nifty too if your team is being shot at by a heavy or elite.
I really love the enemy neutralization kits. Mines are great, weapon malfuction stops that elite from one shotting you if you can't get into a cover and the bomb can deal over 1.5k damage to multiple borg. You should also carry another kit with the Quantum Mortar because you can place it and then switch to the mine kit. Of course mines go well with the 'up close & personal' playstyle of pulsewaves.

Medical kits are kind of... well less useable in elite ground runs let us say.
Advantages of medical kit are extra resistances with triage, countering assimilation with nanite healing and keeping yourself (or a team mate) alive if you are quick. Otherwise I usually use the Physicist kit because who doesn't like making things combust?

Anyway, there's really no 'best' kit or weapon to use. It all depends on your playstyle. I wouldn't expect people without a background in FPS games to play like I do anyway.

Originally Posted by Charlie25 View Post
I'll give pulsewaves a try
Once you go pulseweave you never go back. Keep the MACO rifle for some long range shots and the set bonus.