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01-20-2012, 08:26 PM
USS Elsternwick, Captain Tim Kingston.

Captain’s Personal Log, supplemental.

We are currently three weeks into our five week long limp back to Deep Space Nine. Could do with a wormhole right now, or even a couple of minutes in Slipstream.

Morale on the ship is still acceptable, given the sacrifices that everyone have had to make. It’s a testament to the character of our crew, and the abilities of Command Ta’lis to maintain order and civility.

After the Breen ambush just outside the Kelvani asteroid belt, we lost warp drive and communications. Thankfully, our sensors are still online so at least we’re not blind out here. The port nacelle was lost in the battle, cleaved off at the pylon. Commander Kingston is particularly upset about that one, but there’s not much he can do about it until we get back to Federation space and can be towed to a drydock. Paul keeps muttering something about using ensigns and “duct tape.” I think he’s angry that I damaged “his” ship.

Lt Commander D’lesch is still trying to work on the communications array, but it’s not looking promising. The array itself was completely overloaded, and needs to be ripped out. He proposed using the comms array in our shuttles to contact Starfleet, but unfortunately we are just too far out into unfamiliar territory. If we broadcast now, we could attract more Breen hoping to avenge their brethren, or much worse.

We initially set course for Deferra Prime, as it’s the nearest planet that we’re on remotely friendly terms with. A few days away from approaching Deferra, we picked up Borg transwarp signatures on long range sensors. It seems that Deferra is currently under attack from the Borg, their latest incursion into the Alpha Quadrant. We were in no condition to fight the Borg or assist in any way, so we did the only thing we could and set an immediate course for Deep Space Nine. We haven’t seen any indication that the Borg detected the Elsternwick, but we’re keeping vigilant. Four of Twenty has been keeping a close eye on long range sensors, foregoing regeneration cycles on several occasions.

Ta’lis has probably had the hardest task of all. A Vulcan, in charge of safekeeping the emotional well-being of the crew. He’s done an exemplary job, and been remarkably considerate of the crew, despite his particular… circumstances. Due to the attack, our reserves are severely depleted. Any energy we can spare has been devoted to impulse, sensors and life support. Everything else at this stage has become a luxury, including replicators, holodecks and sonic showers. Ta’lis has listened to feedback and suggestions from the crew, setting up several poker tournaments, dramatic performances and concerts. Crew members, devoid of latinum, have started betting replicator rations and personal affects.

Ensign McClorey suggested revisiting a tradition called “movie night” that an ancestor of his participated in during the very early days of Starfleet on the NX cruisers. The choice of recording has not always been particularly popular, but it seems to provide some much needed escapism for the crew.

The mess hall has been busier than usual, due to the additional kitchen staff being employed to help provide additional meals to the crew given what foodstuffs we were carrying in our cargo bay. Like the movies, the meals haven’t always been popular, but it beats emergency rations when replicator privileges are used up. It’s been a welcome change of pace for the kitchen staff, who mainly see action for diplomatic events that are few and far between lately.

As for me… I’ve been keeping up with my appointments with Counsellor Tiran. It’s been good to get so many things of my chest. Of course, Paul tends to gloat that he was right, again. Tiran is a fine counsellor, and even the detection of Borg activity in the sector hasn’t had the effect on me it once would have. I credit her for that. I’ve asked that she talks to Paul about the loss of the port warp nacelle, as his emotional reaction has been interesting. She promises me that she’ll arrange an appointment with him soon.

In the meantime, there isn’t much to do but wait. The ship is as well repaired as it’s going to get outside of a space station or drydock. It’s going to be a long trip.