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01-21-2012, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by Seel View Post
i personally would like to hear the reason for the daytime they use. What i mean is, its European primetime.
I'am at work the whole day, and i want to relax and play a little, when iam home, but i can't, because the first thing i get is "this shard will be down in 30min, god knows when its back online..."

Ok, enought sarcasm, but i really would at least like a patchnote, and a few of the major bugs fixed at least (like carrier pet control, random droping out of STF for global CD, the KDF "Report to Gamma Orionis" mission for example)
The reason it goes down in primetime for you, is because here, in the United States, it falls around 8am (ish). That's the time of day with the lowest number of players in the game (on average). It just happens to be in the evening for you. Tell me, what's the better idea? Dropping the game and irritating a few hundred (Maybe a few thousand) players, or dropping the game in the evening in the United States, and irritating 50,000+ players? I'm just guessing at the numbers, as I do not know how many people play the game, but to quote Spock (And many others, throughout the years), 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.'

In this case, the United States are the 'many,' and Europe is the 'few, or the one.' It sucks, yes, but it makes sense overall.