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As a engineer in a cruiser, I'm usually just a healbot. Throw ETs, Aux to SIF, maybe an extend, but in the past, I could at least throw some DPS around to make a difference.

Now, in this MACO and Klingon honor guard shield environment, I still throw heals and... well, that's all I feel like I'm doing. The new gear, in themselves, isn't all that bad. Maybe a little too strong, but the engineer set of skills, well, despite being mostly the same, have little to no offensive utility, unlike sci and tac. It feels like everyone has some tanking ability now, and since that's always been the hallmark of engineers (and, to an extent, Sci), well, it kinda makes us redundant. Tac can just throw on more dps, and sci can just generally make your life more miserable, offensively or defensively.

My worst fear is that I'll run into a game full of engineers with new shields. Tac and Sci is fine, but dear god, if two engineers meet the first to fall asleep will be the only one dying. Tac and Sci will at least wear down an engineer. The opposite isn't true anymore.

Yes, it's always been this way somewhat, but a cruiser could always lay down a weight of fire from a broadside to at least discourage an escort. Even with a full set of MK XI purple beams, EPtW, and FaW, a escort can now just park itself off my broadside and happily shoot away. I pose absolutely no threat.

I don't know what needs to change. The shields, the skills, both? If anyone has any in game solutions, I'd be happy to hear them.