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01-21-2012, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by USS-Tiberius
I see more feds joining que than klings, way more. infact most of the games can't start because there are feds 5 and kling game can not start...

I think we all agree pvp is dead, what can be done to get people to play pvp again? I dont understand why players dont pvp, I like pvp but at this rate I can't even complete pvp missions never mind pvping for pleasure...

I have never played an MMO with this much dead pvp, never, semi quiet sometimes in some mmo's but completely no matches running in the whole game for hours at a time. Never seen it before.
Maybe you're playing during off-peak hours, but I never have a problem getting into PvP matches (EST here). FvF or FvK.

Usual downtime is ~5 minutes between matches, sometimes ~10.

Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
and they cheat!!! One time in PVPing i was fighting a negvhar with my sovy and it was moving and manuvering (spelling) like a defiant/escout!!!!??? What the hell!?
Not that hard to do. Aux to Damp + EPtE + Omega set. Putting Aux to ID on a Vorcha can put it on par (if not higher than) the base turn rate of some Escorts. Add in the rest of the turn rate bonuses and you've got a highly potent healBoat that's also quite potent at DPSing via Dual Heavy Cannons.