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01-21-2012, 08:31 AM god

Cryptic, I love you.

Time to begin my comment o' curiosity. What is that device in front of the player? Do we get to keep the EVA suits? Please say yes. Can we customize the colour scheme of the EVA suits? Will there be an actual Zero-G environment? (I.E. if we kill an enemy he flies of the stations hull etc. I get that the player will be using gravity/magnetic boots like those seen in ST: UC and ST: FC) Will we be able to walk along the docking ring and look at the defiant from the outside (also, can we actually get the defiant placed at the DS9 docking berth when we enter the system?)? Will we be able to see ships flying around the station/at the docking pylons as we walk around the hull? Will we see EVA teams and worker bees working near the base of the upper pylons, like in the opening credits of the series?