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01-21-2012, 10:25 AM
i dont think anything is wrong with the tanking. What you are forgetting is that with all the new gear/skills etc which are geared toward tanking, the equal has not come for dps. There has been no increase to dps, no increase to the dps that guns do, better consoles for more damage etc...

the only thin which has increased is our ability to tank. so the ability to do more damage needs to be increased. unfortunately the skills which enable higher damage to be applied are all high level skills ltcmdr or cmdr. A lot of nice tanking skills are ensign/lt level, yes the level 3 skills are better but, the ensign/lt tanking skills are far above the skills for ensign/lt tac skills. cannon rapid fire 2, csv 2, thy 2.....need improving in damage.