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01-21-2012, 12:22 PM
This is why, as an engineer, I dropped my cruiser for an escort about 8 months ago. Apart from not liking the star wars feel or the appearance of the escorts, I've found the change to be very beneficial.

I found that while I lost out on raw heals (not as much as you'd expect), I could just as easily shield tank, since the difference in shield cap is rather small, the escort gets an innate bonus to it's defense and speed, it's far more manoeuvrable (and so can turn a down shield away quickly).

Now I very specifically hunt beam using cruisers when just want some light fun, especially tacts in cruisers. They either drop dead quickly, take a bit of time or simply tank like crazy, but they are never a threat. Sci-ships are dangerous, escorts are extremely dangerous, Fed cruisers though are heal-boats pure and simple and good for nothing else (something which PvEers are finding to be more and more apparent when they do elite STFs).

There are so many reasons for this:-
* Shields and hull seem to balanced in a way to give the target ship a chance to repel an attack by someone with DHCs. In comparison beams really don't measure up.
* The hull/shield buff all ships got back when they decided to have hulls buffed by lower tier ship skils.
* The reliable Borg hull/shield heal proc.
* The change to power drain (the original way the game handled power drain, gave the cruiser the edge when it came to sustained DPS due to power management skills). Also, to be honest, the old power drain method required you to think more.
* The field generator Mk XI (which I think was the one of the worst additions to the game along with the borg set bonus).
* The bonus to defense escorts got.
* Easy access to tact team without any real loss of bite.
* Hull tanking skills like attack pattern delta and omega.

Basically, all this pushed the escort well and truly out of it's danger zone and is now at a safe spot in terms of tanking.