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01-21-2012, 11:58 AM
The issue is that it DOES work, just fine, if I boot it up with the safe mode command for the game. Then when I close it after running it that way it BSODs on me. Something is wrong that has nothing to do with graphics. At least not directly.

It's sticking in the memory, and getting stuck on a start up with out the safe mode command. This has nothing to do with graphics, the graphics still work fine. I want to get around the issue of it getting stuck when not using the safe mode command. I also want to get around the issue of it not purging from memory.

To make it clear the game is sticking with out it's safe mode option, and with it it sticks on closing rather than start up. It closes, but it stays in memory, even when I end the process.

I'm thinking it's either a bug in the way it stacks memory, or I have a corrupted file. Because when it runs (with the safe mode option) it gives no problem. When a loading screen sticks it's only the start up loading screen. When it loads (with the safe mode option checked) it doesn't stick on any other loading screen.

Just because BSOD can be caused by video issues doesn't mean those are the only things that can cause it to happen.

This only happens when the game won't unload out of memory, and gameclient.exe gets stuck in processes and won't go away.

So I'm thinking my only recourse is a reinstall.