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01-21-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by Rob_mc_1 View Post

A couple of things worth noting is that you might want to change out 2 of the particle generators for 2 graviton generators. The reason for this is that while you do increase the Kinetic damage of the GW with it you will do more overall damage with 2 of the graviton. The reason for this is that the closer to the center of the singularity the more damage it does and the graviton generators will keep them in the middle.

I would also drop the energy weapons all together as well. Without the tetryon consoles your energy weapons will do very little damage and with only one lt boff station you cant boost it all that well either.

Since you have high kinetic damage I would recommend Mines in the back. Energy type don't make a Difference in this case so feel free to mix them up a bit. Also the tractor mines are also a good choice because there are a few targets you cannot out maneuver making it difficult for your firing arc.
Thats why I run tractor beam 3. Yes it is a bit silly but thats 17 seconds of the enemy stuck in the middle of the GW. The generators also help out the plasma torps.

I tried mines a long time ago and never really cared for them, and they do have lag potential. But I do agree that my turrets are not all that useful. Later today I'll try mounting a tri-cobalt in the rear with a mine launcher to two to see how it goes though. That would also allow me to drop weapon power to nothing so I could likely swap my engineer powers around a bit.