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01-21-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Kreael
I tried mines a long time ago and never really cared for them, and they do have lag potential. But I do agree that my turrets are not all that useful. Later today I'll try mounting a tri-cobalt in the rear with a mine launcher to two to see how it goes though. That would also allow me to drop weapon power to nothing so I could likely swap my engineer powers around a bit.
Fair enough. I would only put one more argument for mines and that is stfs. In KA you know exactly the path the probes will follow. If nothing else I would keep them in my inventory for that reason.

Personally I don't care for mines myself. Only escorts can do anything with them with the dispersal patterns but an escort is highly maneuverable and tacs have high dps buffs so they are better off with almost any other weapons type. With mines you hope your target hits them and the previous ones disappear if you relaunch them.

Mines do go hand in hand with torps on paper and specing but the people who usually do torpedo boats can't utilize them normally.