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01-21-2012, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
" NOTE: Pottsey did NOT fight me with the torpedo boat, but instead used his conventional PvP build, as I used mine. "
Just to confirm Hakaishin refit to PVP but I did not and used the Torpedo boat in PvP, that was why I was surprised when you died. I guess I passed the challenge but I fully agree and accept that the one kill I got was very unlikely to happen again. Unless one of us makes a mistake, or one of us got a lucky group of critical's in a row there would most likely have been zero more kills if we kept going longer then we did.

I also agree when 1v1 against a hard target with shields the Galaxy X none torpedo setup is better. The torp cruiser build I used works and would have taken out the cube solo but damage is average at best and much slower than the Galaxy X none torp build. Although I believe I took down the hull faster than you, that were not made up by the time it took me to take down the shields. So overall I lost solo.

Where the torp build excels is when you have other ships nearby, as soon as the shields get low or down the torp damage increases massively. To me it seems a torp build is ok for teams for Elite or solo normal, but not ideal for solo Elite. It has to be planed into the team on Elite.

One big mistake I made in the STF is not confirming/asking the method being used before hand. I went in with Torpedo Spread III expecting to fly close range hitting an entire group of probes at once. The method Hakaishin group used was not one I have seen before. The method was to stay outside 10km of the cube, hitting one probe at a time which I am not convinced is the best way at least for my setup. This cut down my damage output by around x5 if not more as mines where useless. I much prefer to get point blank, torp spread multiple none shielded targets and drop Quantum with Tricobalt mines point blank. Although the rest of the plan I fully agree with. Perhaps it would work if I got close but the rest of the team used the 10km method?

Anyway in short if you plan to take a torpedo build into Elite make sure you take the correct BO skill and make sure you stay near some shield strip builds. Also for the method Hakaishin's group used High Yield III would have worked better and swapping the mines for turrets would make more sense.

" Can the Hakaishin Dreadnought 2-shot cruisers? Tested answer: Yes."
I just want to clarify that in that test I was stationary, no buffs running, did not shoot Tricobalt down and a critical hit was needed. Although I guess against most other ships a critical hit is not needed. So the answer is still yes but against a few ships it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to be a smart pilot to pull it off as well and not use auto fire.

The main reason it did not work against me in the real 1v1 match is my mines plus torp spread took out the Tricobalt plus with buffs I have an unusually high hull resistance. I can see how it could be devastating and often a 2 shot kill or near death in bigger match's when a pilot is distracted by another ship and the galaxy decloaked or just approaches unnoticed at just the right moment.

For PvP the reason I find a torpedo build effective in PvP is that you hit multiple targets at once. Every so often one of the targets has low or zero shields and you do massive damage. Mostly I run with Torp spread II, III and just spam torps. The raw damage alone drains shield a fair amount as well. Often there will be a sci ship striping shields, an escort that just alpha striked someone's shields down. That's when you strike and spread III helps you get lucky strikes on random targets.

One thing I would love to try just for fun is a team full of Transphasic torpedo builds all using Torp spread II, III all with x2 Transphasic mines fitted . I wonder how much damage that would do if they all hit the same shield tanked ship?