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01-21-2012, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by rickhowdy View Post
Team play requires team play. That meaning if you are supporting your team and you are exploding then it's because your team didn't bring extend shields to support the support player. Keep at it you'll be fine.
Someone, over any issue, chimes in and makes the excuse "It's a team game."

To be fair, it absolutely is. If I healbot all the sci and tacs, they can devote their time to killing the other team. If I'm attacked, I try to tank the damage till my teams offense can take the heat off of me.

At least, ideally, that's how it should work. In realty, if everyone's competent, a combined assault from as few as 1 or 2 tac/sci on one engineer will overwhelm an engineer's defenses. A good defense does not make a good offense right now. A good offense DOES make a good defense though, and tac and sci have plenty of it, if properly specced. A properly specced engineer will just last a little longer. If it takes too long, their offense can switch targets, and ream another ship while the engineer has spent all his abilities. He probably has some offensive tac Boffs left, but those won't matter a bit.

Sci can go defensive or offensive, depending on Boffs. Even Tac can use AP Delta or Omega, and go evasive for significant defense. Engineers are stuck with defense, defense, and more defense. Defense as offense only works if you can wear down your opponent. Instead, Engineers are constantly kept off guard, and unable to dent any of the new shields.

The game has wildly oscillated between too much healing and too much damage in the past. Now, because of the new shields, it's in a very weird place, giving too much defense to those who shouldn't have it, and negating the offense of those with too little.