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01-21-2012, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
thats your opinion. the fact is before you make changes, there needs to be wide testing with players at the highest of skills levels with the most specialized of builds.

right now we've barely scatched the surface with the strategies available and people arent going far outside of the box. theres lots of stuff and lots of different creative ways to be dangerous as a team, that would have people saying oh nerf that!

right now we can only test 5/5 what happens when we get territory pvp etc? And its 25vs25? And you all of a sudden have a situation where 25 ships are shooting you? You'll want all those 'overpowed shields' and maco sets. Or are we playing an FPS? Where one shot will kill you?
Waiting on 'balance discussion' till we get content we probably will NEVER see sounds like a terrible idea. I'm sure there are some weird builds that haven't been fleshed out, but since(PvP wise) we've had the same maps and game modes since BETA, everythings been pretty standard for quite some time; things just get slightly changed when things change. I think your blowing some stuff a lot out of proportion.