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01-21-2012, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by loyaltrekie View Post
The least amount of UU's happen around that time, which is why mait happens then, it sucks for users in that primetime region, but it's all about please the most, and angering the least.
This majority-rules-argument is really unworthy for every democratic society, as they always respect their minorities.
In addition your arguments are based on a assumption because cryptic never told us the real spreading of customers. If you taking in to consideration, that EU-players are paying much more per player than other players you might lose your argument at all.
But: the maintance time from 16-17 utc isn`t bad for eu-players. Most people are still working, and for those not working it doesn`t matter if it`s 10-11 or 16-17.