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01-22-2012, 06:55 AM
I dont think it needs to be 100% there should definitly be a scoreboard, if i carry a N00b thru an elite sTF and he does nothing, he shouldnt be the 1 getting the Proto Tech (2 times this has happened) Score should be bassed off damage done, Healing Done, Aggro Generated, and Time to compleation, the minimum drop should be 2 EDCs (elite) 1 EDC (normal) if score is extreamly high, garunteed proto tech, if score is middle/high proto salvage, if score is low middles/low Rare salvage or 4 EDCs if score is 0 should have 15 minute STF ban. But the longer it takes the team to do the mission the worse the drops. (also should not count damage done via FAW and TBR, to avoid empty damage exploiting, also shouldnt count damage done tward gate while both transmitters are up, ect)