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01-22-2012, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by Nador_Ekoor View Post
I understand that this is not the fleet board. I did this as to not clutter the fleet recruiting board (recruitment and those wanting to be recruited is what it was intended for). I may be recently back from a long absence, but I'm not new. But when most fleets dont even bother visiting their own recruitment blog or fleet page then what was the purpose of creating one.

After seeing the pages and the few active fleets left, I'm glad I'm not in one. Having one person out of 100 members show up and bump your forum and yet noone is active on your own fleetpage doesn't make a very good sales pitch for new players to join. Others just popping fleets and inviting everyone without a title (showing a fleet) doesn't say much about the fleet either.

With the way things seem to be going with the fleets (in general, there are always exceptions); I'm seriously considering bringing back the Jevonite Order.
How exactly do you know what is happening in all fleets?

3 months after my fleet Assimilated Initiative was created, the roster was half full and we had 20 online at any time. 6 months later the roster of 500 slots was full and we had 30 online. F2P is bringing that back again and fleets like my own will step up more. We even cancelled out the idea of a website the way the game was going, but now it's all become more serious again, a real hobby and we're building fleets to be proud of.

Assimilated Initiative just opened the doors for not only new players to join us but for those players to put money into the fleet for a great site and online ads etc. Those players then become high ranked and known as fleet founders.

We are starting over, many fleets will be also. I suggest you rethink your opinion and talk to more fleets who might be able to help improve your STO experience.

I don't think this thread needs moved. It's not fleet recruitment, it is about how fleets are operating in the game and a players perception. Maybe many players! I never recruit through the forum however, we talk to people in game when we see them playing and PM them. That is what you could have experienced, the fact that many fleets will do the same rather than constantly coming to the forum for recruitment that needs to go back to the game anyway.