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01-22-2012, 08:42 AM
Originally Posted by Capt.Ernest
what "Majority" the times continue to be a bother for us players in the US. Everytime they do maintence its at the best times for me to get on.

You are but ONE person thats "winging" from ( I belive you are in US ) ,,, hmmm now lets go through the pages here and see how many EU players are winging bout the DT ????? ....... Drrrrrrr.....

All I will say is I'm not exactly over the moon about the down time but if its NEEDED then fine just a bummer that its at a time that doesnt fit in for My time on STO ......

Must admit if it was at the same time as Eve does there DT I could except it alot better , and as I remember from players I knew back on Eve that lived in US Eve's DT was at a fairly good time for both EU and US ,, maybe the "peeps" could have alook into that and think about trying those times out,, would more than likely be alot more accepted by the STO community !!!