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(I know that should be in Feedback or somewhere else, but this is the only place I can make a thread or reply, my account isn't blocked or something. Bug or totaly 0 access? If there's non-agressive moderator, it would be nice to move this thread.)

So, near every day since a week we have 1-2 hour downtime thanks to "maintenance". Time of this maintenance works is the worst time... Why? Becouse between 16-18 (4-6PM) is the time when most players are online. Even if we are living in US, the update is on the morning, some people are playing in this time. We have weekend... so.

For example: - small chart about update, online players and when update should be. Maybe someone is playing in USA? So what, if he can play on the morning he get's the downtime... If someone is working on the morning in EU, he comes to home, and what... and downtime!

Why this can't be done in 8 AM UCT? Most people in US are working or are in school. Most in US are sleeping. The perfect time for update! But...

... but propably here customers are not most important, and the technical part of team is working only in office? Be serious, downtime when most people are online. Pathetic.