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01-22-2012, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Jeff-El
Where did you get your data? It's been stated repeatedly for two years that downtime is scheduled for times when the least number of concurrent users are playing. Do you mean to suggest they are not being truthful about this?
Somehow I can't belive that most amount of players are online in midnight in UE and US. Somehow I can't,,, Example of near every European user:

8-16 School/Work
16-17 free time
17-18 (sometimes to 19) DOWNTIME
18-22 free time

In US we have morning, some users are playing even on the morning. Every time I see the "maintenance message" very much users get frustrated.

Don't be so ignorant. This is pure laziness of game authors. They could do that in other time, in the night betwen US and EU. Somehow I can't belive that much more players are playing in the night, rather than afternoon (16-19 UCT or 8-13 US central time).