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01-22-2012, 11:34 AM
How exactly do you know what is happening in all fleets?[/u]

I don't know all fleets, remember that in every general topic; there are exceptions to the rule. As I mentioned first post that if it doesn't apply water off a ducks back (ie. let it slide).

We are starting over, many fleets will be also. I suggest you rethink your opinion and talk to more fleets who might be able to help improve your STO experience. I never recruit through the forum however, we talk to people in game when we see them playing and PM them.

Allow me to make a suggestion (for your fleet's consideration). Although I agree the best way to recruit is team up with non-affiliated players and play for a while before inviting...STO forums are in many instances the first contact made with new players. I don't think running around inviting people is effective, however showing prospects that "this fleet is active and alive" and reading things on fleet pages shows activity and at least a pulse. You could also think about posting a general timeline of which members (character name/rank) will be on the game in order for appropriate lvl players can seek out to team up.

That is what you could have experienced, the fact that many fleets will do the same rather than constantly coming to the forum for recruitment that needs to go back to the game anyway. Since 17 Jan, I've been invited to 4 fleets, but none actually teamed up with me and don't even know me that is a waste and only wanting a number count rather than forming a friendship in game..