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01-22-2012, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by gardulec
Example of near every European user:
European here, GMT timezone, and the downtime coincides with when the majority of us Eurofolk in GMT are finishing up at work/school...

And you can already see the maintenance is starting to taper off. It was 2-3 hours when f2p first launched, now it's an hour a day. Eventually, it'll go back to the weekly maintenance on Thursday. Patience is a virtue! :p

I can't believe people can't find something else to do for an hour in the afternoon/evening.

Originally Posted by gardulec
Don't be so ignorant. This is pure laziness of game authors. They could do that in other time, in the night betwen US and EU. Somehow I can't belive that much more players are playing in the night, rather than afternoon (16-19 UCT or 8-13 US central time).
Yes, sure is lazy of them that they're in working on the weekend... but nevermind that, why not ask them to work through the night too!? They probably don't have families or lives of their own outside of STO. God knows some players don't seem to if they can't forego an hour of playtime.