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01-22-2012, 05:34 PM
I have no problem with grab bags. They are unbound, so can buy them off the exchange for EC, so no issue there. And if I have a little extra cash to spend week to week, might drop some on the game instead of going to the movies or something. No big deal in any case.

...Here's to hoping for a D'Deridex grab bag ship :-D... Scimitar ship would be cool, but possibly OP if done right.. besides, I kind of prefer the D'Deridex anyway... maybe a superior Cloaking Device than currently exists in game (higher stealth capabilities, plus battle cloak as well) due to the superior Romulan cloaking tech... probably a cruiser (though I havent flown one of those before, but I would learn just to use the D'Deridex)... an entire Romulan faction would be preferred, but I would go for a D'Deridex ship instead until such a time comes when Klingon Faction is great, and they are ready to create faction #3