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01-22-2012, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by aestu
I decided to pick up the game when it went F2P, dusted off the old Target promo box I had on my bookshelf (bought it for $2 a few years back), then did a search for a few other promo items I could grab cheaply or for free - so I've got a few already.

Reading the Wiki, I noticed some of the exclusive promo items seem interesting. Photonic promo officer...chromodynamic armor...various there a way to pick up these codes now that Steam doesn't sell the DDE anymore? Are previously existing codes acquirable/transferable?

Also, I don't understand the mechanics of the game well yet. Is there a cap on the number of BOs and consoles - which would, I expect, marginalize these? Or is there an advantage to be had acquiring all possible promotions and stacking them?

Thanks in advance for the info!
You should be able to enter the retail keys here:

This should theoretically upgrade you to "gold" for 30 days which gives you a lot more slots and inventory spaces as you level. The Target promo is one of the more highly desired ones right now with TR-116 rifle. You should be able to pick it up from the C-store under one of the headings (can't recall off the top of my head. Maybe "Items" or "Legacy".)

There is a cap on BOs based on level. If you get a promo BO, I would claim it. You can always dismiss him if you don't like it. Or, you can buy additional slots via C-store. i think the number of slots you get by the time you are VA is 10 assuming you didn't buy any additional, and that you remain gold member as you level.