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01-22-2012, 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
The cstore itself clearly says 5500 as the base. This is the base, and will always be the base, but it's affected by your level and skills.

While in space, hover over your ship's portrait (inside the four shield rings), and you should see what your hull actually is.
Ah, so it is yet another of the many many bugs in the game. After your advice, I went back and checked what you suggested and it was indeed higher, 13,120. And the funny thing, it now shows that figure in the ship's own specifications instead of 5500. And yes, I checked it before on the station and in space.

Surprising how this game has gone so long without Cryptic even attempting to fix simple bugs. It's like the pitch control key bindings being reversed and when I point it out, I'm told I can "fix" it by putting the wrong values into the key bindings. Well, duh, that's what I've been doing but shouldn't someone spend 30 seconds to fix such a simple and blatant error in the code? Let's see: Search the phrase "Pitch Up" replace "Up" with "Down". Search "Pitch Down" and replace "Down" with "Up". Bingo! Error solved!