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01-22-2012, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I have attempted to complete the Borg sector invation several times over the last week and a half, and the mission is obnoxiously overpowered, and hence broke! The kicker was when I was on a team of all VAs with Mk11 or 12 anti-borg equipment and we still lost the mission! At this point, I will earn the "Defender of the Quadrent" accolade long before I will ever be able to complete the mission. I will point out that this mission was playable before the F2P changes.

There a several issues that contribute to the mission being effectivly impossible to complete. The first and foremost issue is that the B'Ger ship spawns five probes every 30 seconds! When two or three regen probes are in the area, it is nearly impossible to kill ONE of them unless EVERYONE shoots the same ship. Because of this, with that VA team, the lowest the health of the Unimatrix ship ever got was 50%. after that, the ship spawned regen probes at the rate of five every 5-30 seconds. By the time the timer expired, there were over twenty probes in the area! This is a major bug that makes the misson unplayable.

The secondary issue that is actually minor compaired to the Regen Probe issue is that the ship is so grossly overpowered that the torpedo spread III the B'Ger fires is a TPK (total party kill!)! Either this needs nerfed, or the area level need to be lowered.
You need to have one or two teammates focusing fire on the Unimatrix ship and alternating the use of abilities that target auxiliary systems between them. The lower the Unimatrix ship's Aux, the slower the probes spawn.

The rest should take out regeneration probes and plasma bolts as necessary whilst unloading their heaviest firepower on the UX ship whenever said firepower is available. Also make sure everyone's attacking the same facing, or the same side of the ship.

Honestly, the hardest part of the Red Alerts in Orellius or anywhere else is consistently finding a group actually willing to destroy the Unimatrix ship, and not to intentionally fail the mission just shooting at the probes it launches for an accolade.

As for the Borg torpedo spread being a one hit kill on anything it hits, that's something we've been complaining about since the Red Alerts began.